The Real Estate Group

The Real Estate Group covers the entire Black Hills Real Estate market and was founded on basic philosophical principles of Fairness, Honesty and Customer Service.

Fairness is a principle that applies not only to Clients we serve, but also to fellow Realtors. Honesty has to come from within and radiate to everyone with whom we are in contact. The Groupsultimate goal is Client Service beyond compare.

In order to instill these principles, actions have to be reflected in day-to-day activities by Group associates. In offering generous commission splits, for example, our Realtors have a tremendous opportunity to enrich their customer base, increase their ability to address the public through advertising, and offer incentives to all Buyers and Sellers that most Real Estate firms cannot match. At the same time, our Group Realtors are able to make a comfortable living.

An example of Honesty is reflected by the customer who asks for help in buying or selling a property. The Group Realtor has to, in confidence, understand that persons motivation, financial capability, and sense of urgency. The agent has to then be prepared to offer viable options, even if it means the best solution is to refinance instead of selling, or renting as opposed to buying.

Client Service beyond compare should be a natural by-product of Fairness and Honesty. A Real Estate transaction that combines these principles should always provide full Customer Service and satisfaction.

It is not The Real Estate Groups intent or goal to boast about being Number 1. We already know we are the Best of The Best far above our closest competitor when it comes to Customer Service. The Real Estate Group is setting new trends and industry standards in Real Estate buying and selling. We are here to serve you in your best interest!

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