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If you have an available rental unit to list, or if you are searching for the perfect available rental unit for you or your family, head to

The Black Hills Military Advisory Coalition uses the Black Hills Wire as a resource to military families new to our area. Our goal is to help make these families feel at home during their stay in the Black Hills. A big part of that is housing. While we can’t build housing or manage apartments, a valuable role we play is connecting military families to those who do. This free resource is offered to you as a way to connect military members seeking housing to you, the expert in the area. By advertising your service here, for free, we expect you to keep us informed of any changes in your contact information or properties you may have available.

Thank you for being an important resource for military families seeking to make the Black Hills home whether for a short time, or a lifetime.

In order for your listing to be placed on the Black Hills Wire, the following requirements must be met:

  • Offer a military discount
  • Full description of listing
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