Paving the Path for Professionals

South Dakota has recently joined a growing number of states that are making it easier for professionals to transition to the workforce of their new home after a move — especially for military personnel and their spouses. A few pieces of state legislation created this fast-track, and it’s already having a major impact on filling the thousands of open jobs throughout the Black Hills and the rest of the state.

Nearly every professional license — from healthcare to hairstyling to skilled building — is now recognized and, according to state statute, has 30 days from date of application to be accepted by the appropriate state board. With employers all over the region searching for qualified candidates, this move seems like a recipe for success.

Governor Kristi Noem’s office reports that “Other states that have implemented this reform have seen a dramatic impact on their workforce almost immediately. Arizona’s workforce grew by about 5,000 since their law was implemented according to data collected by the Common Sense and Goldwater Institutes.”

PCSing is a complicated and sometimes trying time. As you and your family settle into your new station, though, know that there are resources available to help you thrive and succeed — including in the professional lives of your family members.

A great place to start searching for information on employment and licensing information for military personnel and family members is