Opening doors

Since 1944, the Department of Veterans Affairs has been creating opportunities for service members and their families to enjoy homeownership. 

The VA loan is one of the most unique, versatile and beneficial mortgage programs available. Active duty service members, veterans and certain military spouses are eligible for this incredible opportunity to buy a home or refinance an existing loan.

This program is offered by banks and mortgage brokers who have been certified by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The VA doesn’t fund these mortgages, but instead, they guarantee them. These highly desirable loans require no or very low down payments, feature low interest rates, have low closing costs and require no private mortgage insurance. These are only a handful of the tremendous benefits of the VA loan. The best way to discover more and understand this special loan completely is to connect with a local expert.

Several lenders in the Black Hills are experts at originating these loans. And an experienced real estate agent, like Kevin Andreson (read more from him on page 12), can help you navigate every step of the home-buying process — including connecting you with a proven and trusted VA loan expert.

Making history

The VA loan was established in 1944 with the passage of the G.I. Bill. In 2020, the VA reported that it had surpassed backing 25 million of these loans.