Top 5 Things to Do in the Black Hills

See the Sights

There are countless scenic routes throughout the Black Hills. But first, be sure to cross off the major four sights found here: Mount Rushmore National Memorial near Keystone, Crazy Horse Memorial and Jewel Cave National Park near Custer, and Wind Cave National Park north of Hot Springs.

Enjoy the Wildlife

Although you will more than likely see a bighorn sheep or a mule deer within city limits, there are numerous kinds of wildlife to view in the Black Hills. Looking for the best spots? Take the Wildlife Loop through Custer State Park or venture east of Box Elder towards Wall to visit Badlands National Park. Get your camera ready! Burros, prairie dogs, buffalo and sheep will be nearby.

Get Outdoors

The Black Hills are an outdoor enthusiasts dream come true. Even if you enjoy a casual stroll, there is something for everyone here! Grab your bikes or take your days’ running routine to the George S. Mickelson Trail. It spans over 108 miles from Edgemont to Deadwood – so pick your path before you go. If hiking is more your thing, visit Black Elk Peak near Sylvan Lake, Bear Butte near Sturgis, or one of several forested trails in Spearfish Canyon.

Take a Ride

In addition to all of the great tour companies in the Black Hills taking you on scenic routes or brewery tours, there are numerous rallies you can enjoy! From classic cars and mustangs, to Teslas and motorcycles, you’re sure to hear the rumble of engines at some point throughout the year. If you’re looking for your own kind of adventure, take your family or friends out on the trails with a rented UTV or sign up for horseback riding.

Make Memories

The biggest, most momentous thing you can do while you are here is to make memories with your family and friends to look back on with joy and amusement. Luckily, the area is filled with opportunities to do just this! Residents in the Black Hills call it “playing tourist” and it is quite possibly the most entertaining way to enjoy a staycation. Visit all of the rides and attractions in Keystone and Rapid City, take old time photos and strike it rich in Deadwood, and visit original stops like Wall Drug, Dinosaur Park, Evans Plunge, and the Mammoth Site for a fun-filled weekend.