Virtual Schooling Grant Information

Virtual Schooling Grant Information

The Air Force Aid Society recognizes many Air Force families have faced extra expenses resulting from school closings due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are an Air Force family experiencing financial hardship and facing difficulty paying the additional costs associated with purchasing home school supplies and equipment for the fall 2020 academic year, the Air Force Aid Society can help!

For a limited time, the Air Force Aid Society is offering a one-time $250 grant (per family) to eligible Air Force families with a financial need to help with virtual schooling costs for school supplies of their dependents in grades K through 12.



  • Active Duty Airmen, AF Reserve (AFR) and Air National Guard (ANG) on continuous Active Duty orders for more than 15 days under Title 10, Air National Guard AGR (Full-Time, Title 32, 502(f) only) and Retirees and Widow(er)s WITH dependent(s) listed in DEERS in grade K-12
  • There is no rank restriction


  • Application will be available on September 1, 2020 on the Air Force Aid Society website
  • After September 1, 2020, go to and select Virtual Schooling Grant
  • Eligible AFR, ANG and ANG AGR must attach a copy of active duty orders.
  • If the service member is deployed, spouses must attach a copy of their Power of Attorney


  • Applications will be submitted to HQ Air Force Aid Society for review and approval.
  • Applications must be complete and all documents received at AFAS HQ before request can be approved.
  • Once approved, the application will be forwarded to an Airman’s local Airman & Family Readiness Center. The applicant will be contacted by the Center to schedule an appointment.
  • Approved applicants who are not within 50 miles of an AF installation will have assistance completed by HQ AFAS and a check will be mailed to the applicant’s home address.
  • For questions, send an e-mail to or call 703-972-2650, option #6.
  • If you are having problems with the member portal or need a password reset, contact the Air Force Aid Society IT Dept. at 703-972-2650, option #5.



Q: Can Mil‐to‐Mil service members apply individually for the VSG?
A: No. Only one VSG per family.

Q: I am a “Gray Area” AFRES Retiree, am I eligible to apply for the VSG?
A: No. You must meet both time and age requirements to be eligible.

Q: Can I apply for VSG if my dependent child is virtual schooling college courses due to school closure.
A: No. You can apply if dependent children are in grades K‐12.

Q: Can I apply for more than $250 if I have several children virtual schooling?
A: No. AFAS wants to extend support to as many households as possible within the limitations of the generous donation provided by Lockheed Martin.

Q: Can I apply for financial assistance (basic living categories) on the same application as the VSG application?
A: No. The application is ONLY for the VSG.

Q: Can I apply at any time during the school year for the VSG?
A: No. There is designated funding for the VSG and once funds are depleted, no more applications can be accepted.

Q: I submitted an incomplete application, will it still be processed to receive the grant?
A: No. Applicant will be notified an incomplete application was received and will need to resubmit request for assistance.

Q: Can I be reimbursed if my child attended virtual schooling March to May 2020?
A: No. Individuals may only apply for the VSG if his/her dependent child is attending virtual school starting in August / September 2020 school year.

Q: Who can I contact if I have any questions regarding this grant?
A: Call HQ AFAS at 703‐972‐2650, option # 6.

Q: Can I send an e‐mail with my question rather than call?
A: Yes, you can send your question via e‐mail to

Q: Who can I contact if I am having issues with my online application?
A: Contact HQ AFAS IT at 703‐972‐2650, option #5, M‐F, 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. (EST)

Q: Can I apply through the American Red Cross for the VSG?
A: No. Everyone must apply through the AFAS website at

Q: Can my spouse apply if I am deployed?
A: Yes. Spouse will need to provide Power of Attorney (POA) or if no POA, an e‐mail of acknowledgement authorizing her to request assistance for VSG on your behalf.

Q: How long will it take to get funds?
A. We will work as quickly as possible to get funds disbursed. The actual time will vary depending upon your location.